Why I Like E-Collar Training


Run Dog Run! That’s what a lot of dogs like to do especially the Husky dogs. I wanted my Husky to be able to be free and run in the woods when we hike. But how would I do that? As I researched I found that the E-Collar is a great way to train. Some people think that the shock collar or as it is called the E-Collar is an unkind way of training. However, if it is done correctly with a professional it is a great method of training dogs that need the extra encouragement. The E-Collar has a vibrating function as well as a little shock that feels like a little nip. Yes, I have tried it on myself and it wasn’t as bad as one would think.

Skeeder and Yuki

It takes a lot of time to learn and for the dog to learn. Really any good training takes time and effort but is well worth it in the end. The first time I realized how wonderful the training on the collar was was when my Husky Skeeder was walking in the woods with us and a big Jack Rabbit jumped out of the bushes and was running fast. Skeeder took off after him. I tried to recall him back to me but he was hot on the trail. As he was running I used the stimulation and he immediately came back to me. You see when you are training, they learn that the stimulation stops as soon as they take the first step back to you. You are the safe place.

There are a lot of E-Collars out there. The E-Collar that the trainer recommended to me is one that professionals use for training bird dogs and hunting dogs. They are waterproof and built well. Both of my E-Collars I bought lasted the lifetime of my dogs and I only sent them in once to get a new battery and some refurbishing. Much less expensive than buying a new one. The company is DogTra. It stands for Dog Training. You can find them on the web.

I hope that you find my experience informative and that the E-Collar will protect your dog from taking off and getting lost. Not all dogs need this kind of training and I would not recommend it for all dogs. But for those running dogs, like my Skeeder and Yuki, it certainly was a wonderful thing. They were free to run all of their lives just like they were born to do.

This blog is dedicated to my beautiful Huskies, Skeeder and Yuki that will forever be in my heart.

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