4 Month Old Puppy Eating Poop

dog pooping on the grass

Fresh out of the oven is how I like my bread, but my puppy turning around and eating her fresh-out-of-the-oven poop is just making my stomach turn. Why is she doing this? Is she getting enough food? Is this a sickness that I don’t know about? I could go down a rabbit hole with all the bad things it could be but I am not going to do that to myself.

So I took her to the vet to talk about the poop eating and what I can do. My vet told me that a lot of times the mother of the litter will keep the den clean for her newborns. As the puppies grow, they will watch their mom clean up the poop by eating it. The puppies see this behavior and will mimic the mother. She also told me that they can outgrow it and that I should pick up the poop as soon as she goes. That is not so easy as I am not watching her 24-7. My vet suggested that we could try a product called Forbid that they can prescribe for her. You put it on her food twice a day for five days and hopefully she won’t like the taste. I am thinking to myself, won’t like the taste? She is eating her own poop. My vet said I have a 50/50 chance it will work.

I took the Forbid prescription home and tried it for 5 days. Sometimes she would eat the poop and sometimes she would not. In the end, no pun intended, she is still eating that fresh-out-of-the-oven poop. So now what? Do I just hope she grows out it? All the while she comes barreling through the doggie door and into my lap with kisses. Yucky!!!

My next step is to get a small dish of hot sauce with added Tabasco, then try and catch her going poop and to paint my way to a non poop eating puppy. Catching her in the act is the hardest part. I do feel a little gleeful watching her go to the poop and seeing her little tongue not like what it just tried.

A few days later it seems to be working and I am hoping that I can be painting my way to having a non-poop eater. It is pretty disgusting, wouldn’t you agree? That and some more time to grow out of it. I think in the end we may nip this in the butt, I mean bud. I guess time will tell.

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