So You Want a Puppy


Puppies are fuzzy and adorable. They run and play, bring everyone joy and are really the life of the party. Puppies can grow to be big or small, long hair or short, they can be a protection over your family or one that will play ball. Whatever you want can be yours. However there are things you should consider before getting a new member of the family. Many people just see that furry cute face and many times that cute puppy doesn’t fit in with the life style of the family and many times will be surrendered to the local shelter. Usually around the year and a half age. Here are some of my suggestions to picking out a new puppy.

How is your lifestyle? Do you like outdoor activities or do you like to be at home and curl up with a good book? Are you in a small apartment or do you have a big yard? Do you love hair on your clothes, on your couch and in your food? Do you have children and is it possible allergies for anyone in the family would cause a problem? One of the last things to consider is how much time and money do you plan on spending with your new puppy. The cost of a puppy is a lifetime commitment. You need teething toys, high quality food, bedding, kennel (for kennel training which I highly recommend doing), flee and tick prevention, yearly exams and when you go away on vacation, a pet sitter. When they get old they may need more vet attention. One of my dogs got pancreatitis at age 6. You never really know what the future brings. In the end they are worth every penny.

The breed you choose is the most important thing on the list in my opinion. If you choose a beautiful Husky pup, you will have hair hair everywhere, you will need to walk daily and have a secure yard. A loyal German Shepard, Pit Bull, Chows or any type of protective breed will need strong leadership as they can be potentially a risk to other people if they have not been trained properly. That being said any dog can bite and training for any dog is a must. Cute little dogs such as chihuahuas need less exercise typically and can get cold if the weather is dropping in temperature. The boarder Collie, Cattle Dogs and Labs are so playful and need lots of time and attention as well (well they all need that). Just consider what breed you will be looking at and research that breed. You will find some pretty amazing breeds to fit your life style.

In closing, shelters are a great place to get your puppy. You may want to get an older puppy that has been potty trained. You can also look at some rescues that need people to foster. That is a great way to see if that dog your fostering could fit in to your home. If not they will have a place to live until someone wants to adopt them. However I am not against a good reputable breeder for a specific breed. Golden Retrievers are one of the best family dogs. That’s why they are hard to find in a shelter. You can find Huskies at about that year and a half mark because they are runners and escape artists. What ever you choose, choose wisely. They are your family member for the rest of their days.

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