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Potty Training got you down? Take heart! I have a few good tips for you on your journey.
The rule of thumb is you have to catch your puppy in the act. You literally have 2 seconds to take action or your puppy won’t connect the dots. You can keep a leash on your puppy and keep her with you at all times. Not always easy to do you say, I get it.

I found myself watching the water intake as well. If your puppy drinks a small amount it absorbs in the body better. If the puppy drinks a lot at once, you know you will have to watch her like a hawk as that puppy will release in about 15 minutes, sometimes twice. You can choose to pick up the water two hours before bedtime to have them rest longer during the night. This was a game-changer.

Most puppies start sniffing the ground, arching their back and circling for their pooping part of the day. My 5-month-old is eating three times a day and poops three times a day. Depending on the breed and age I am looking forward to feeding only twice a day. The experts say that when a puppy is older you can go down to twice a day and even once a day. Although on larger breed dogs, bloating can occur with one larger meal.

The trick that saved my sanity with potty training was a doggie door. It was a process of treats and encouragement. This took several days and once she got it, she got it. All the training beforehand clicked and she knew she was expected to go outside. I am so happy that I have accomplished this hard task of potty training. It is no easy task but with determination and a doggy door, we are doing good. Now if I can work on her poop eating and why she is doing it is for another day. Plus she likes to pick up the small landscaping rocks. Oh boy! Watch for my next blog on ideas and information that I have learned.
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